Continuum Studios, Strategic Communications
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Continuum was founded in 2008 out of a need to move clients communications from operating in silos far removed from the business’ processes, systems and quality of service/product delivery.

We pride ourselves in continually learning therefore basing all business solutions for our clients on solid data, case studies and market trends.

Our ability to work smart and flexibly has seen us collaborate with other communications and consulting companies on exciting and challenging projects.

Public Relations Strategy

Making your brand the centre of attention when you have news. Creating relevance for your brand when you don’t have news.

Media Knowledge

Helping you understand how journalists look at, and assess content so your brand does not become known as “a spammer” in media circles.

Stakeholder Relations

Creating a culture of birthing internal brand ambassadors for all your communiqué before it’s shared with external stakeholders.

Content Creation

Crafting compelling messages that get published with minimal effort. We do this to ensure that you remain the “author” of your brand story.

Social Media Strategy

Ensuring your resources are optimally used by reaching the right target audiences on platforms relevant to your brand for impactful results.

CSR Development

Developing or enhancing community projects beyond financial investments. Delivering measurable results and showcasing sustainability.


Development of success metrics that explicitly showcase Return On investment for every campaign with measurement, evaluation and control tools.

Internal Communications

Understanding what your people are saying. Educating them to dispel myths about your brand. Enabling them to be your brand advertisers.

“If I had the last dollar, I would spend it on Public Relations.”

Bill Clinton


Our Value Proposition

“I do not want people or customers to know what I do,”

Nobody ever said. At Continuum, we work hard to keep our clients at the top of their customers’ minds. We do so by learning and understanding every aspect of their business, fast; providing them with insights into their competition; developing strategies that are SMART; and getting their services or products known.

Our Core Philosophy

We listen, listen and really hear what you would like to achieve

We are inquisitive and enjoy learning. Beyond asking you lots of questions, our solutions for your brand will always be anchored in tried-and-tested methods. When we create a new method, we are honest and transparent on the potential pitfalls, how to avoid them and measure all successes.